Digital Deepak Internship Program Review

Digital Marketing has been a buzzword lately. The new normal has reinforced the need for companies to “digitally” market their products.

The Industry has an abundance of opportunities for the people who can help companies do their marketing. In order to be industry ready, learning and implementing Digital Marketing is the first step that you need to take.

Basic theoretical knowledge of various Digital Marketing concepts is available everywhere on the internet for free. But practical implementation is the most important aspect for you to become a Digital Marketer.

If you’re reading this post, you are probably interested in joining the Digital Deepak Internship Program. If you’re not sure whether you should join the program or not, then read this review. I was in the same place as you a few months ago.

Now, I am an intern at the Digital Deepak Internship Program Batch 4 and I am writing this review of the Program to help you make your decision. So, this review is based on my personal experience in the Internship Program.

You can apply for the Internship Program here.

First off, who is Digital Deepak?

A simple Google search will reveal much about him. But if you are not familiar with his brand, you should know:

“Digital Deepak” is the brand name of Deepak Kanakaraju. He is a Blogger, Speaker & Trainer in the Digital Marketing field.

Digital Deepak (Deepak Kanakaraju)

He has more than 10 years experience in Digital Marketing and is the co-founder of PixelTrack Digital (Digital Marketing Agency). He blogs about digital marketing at

What exactly is the Internship Program?

The Digital Deepak Internship Program is a unique program that is completely based on practicality. In the program, Deepak teaches you the basics of all modules of Digital Marketing and the structure of the Program motivates you to take action on your learnings.

This internship is a little different from other internships out there. It is not exactly an Internship if you go by definition. It is actually a Course + Internship.

If you are interested in digital marketing and want to learn it practically (by implementing what you learn), then this internship program is for you.

Yes, this program is for DOERS. It’s not just another course that you can keep delaying.

It is a paid internship where you initially need to pay Digital Deepak a certain amount as a refundable deposit in order to be a part of this program.

On completion of the Internship program, you will also get a certificate from Digital Deepak.

You can apply for the Internship Program here.

Structure of the Program

The genius of the Digital Deepak Internship Program lies in its structure. I’ll tell you why.

It is a 12-Week Program (as of batch 4, it may change in future batches) + 4 Bonus Weeks out of which you have to opt for one bonus week. That kind of makes it a 16-Week Program.

The program is structured in such a way that when you go from Week 1 to Week 12, it doesn’t feel like taking jumps. One week’s topic connects with the next and you will be able to connect the dots. It gives immense clarity about the entire structure of Digital Marketing as a subject.

This picture best explains the structure of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Framework

You discover your niche and create content related to your niche. Then you drive high traffic to the content that you have created and generate leads in the process.

Then, you do Deep Marketing (Marketing on a deeper level) to your leads and convert them into hot leads. And then sell to these leads using the Natural Sales Methods.

Now, have a look at the different topics in the Internship Program and let me know in the comments if you are able to connect the image with the table below:

Week 1 Success Mindset
Week 2 The Law of Marketing
Week 3 Discovering your Profitable Niche
Week 4 Creating Your WordPress Blog
Week 5 Becoming the King of Content
Week 6 Social Media and Networking Mastery
Week 7 Lead Generation and Email Marketing
Week 8 Mastering Facebook Ads
Week 9 Mastering Google Ads
Week 10 Search Engine Optimization
Week 11 Deep Marketing Automation
Week 12 Sales & Conversion
Access to 4 Bonus weeks – pick one assignment and submit
Personal Branding and Getting your Dream Job
Affiliate Marketing & Blogging
Digital Freelancing
Digital Mentoring

Team Digital Deepak is also very supportive and clears every doubt in the Q&A sessions. Also, we have a private community of Batch 4 Interns where 1000+ interns interact with one another. So, the motivation to complete the assignment is always high because of fellow interns, Digital Deepak and his team and of course the weekly cashbacks are an addon.

Each Week has 3 sessions followed by an assignment:

  1. Video Lesson on a specific topic – This is a recorded video that is usually 1.5 to 2 hours long.
  2. Assignment Explanation live session conducted by Deepak Sir– In this session, he explains what the assignment is and how to do it.
  3. Q&A Live Session – In this session, we are further guided on how to complete the assignment and all queries are answered one by one. This session is usually conducted by a member of Team Digital Deepak. Kamna Jain (member of Team Digital Deepak) often prepares a checklist of tasks and does the assignment live in front of us. This makes even the toughest of assignments seem simple.

You can apply for the Internship Program here.

Fee of the Internship + Cashback Structure

As I already mentioned, to be a part of this internship program, you need to pay a certain amount as a security deposit, which will be refunded to you in the form of cashback after your assignment gets approved every week. In fact, this amount is exempt from GST because it will be refunded to you.

In every batch the amount of security deposit varies depending upon the content, modules and cashback structure (the actual amount of cashbacks and security deposit will be revealed in the launch webinar).

If you wish to attend the launch webinar of Batch 8, you need to apply for the internship program by filling this form.

Digital Deepak Internship Program Review


And yes, you will actually be paid to learn Digital Marketing if you submit the assignments correctly within the deadline.

Now you might be thinking, “What if my assignments are not approved? Will I lose money in this Internship?”

That is not the case. Let me explain to you the assignment approval process and then you can take a call.

Digital Deepak guarantees 100% assignment approval, which means, ultimately all your assignments will be approved. However, if your assignment is incorrect or incomplete then it will be rejected, and you will be given 7 more days to rectify the assignment and re-submit for approval.

You lose your money in only 1 case, that is – if you don’t submit the assignment at all. And in my opinion, it is not an issue for you if you’re dedicated. Even if you are not able to complete the assignment, just submit the first draft within the deadline. Digital Deepak Team will reject your assignment and you’ll be able to re-submit within 7 days of rejection. And then, you’ll receive the cashback once they approve the re-submission.

Note: I am in the Week 11 of the Program and my previous 10 assignments have been duly approved and I have also received the cashback for them.

Is this Program suitable for you?

See, honestly, it’s not a “one size fits all”.

This Program is suitable for Beginners and Intermediate level Digital Marketers, but not for Digital Marketing experts.

If you are a Beginner: You will be able to learn a lot of different concepts in a very short span of time. You will also be able to try your hands at various advanced tools like Ahrefs, Zapier etc. Deepak has designed this program to transform Beginners into Intermediate level Digital Marketers.

If you are an Intermediate: If you’re an Intermediate level Digital Marketer, you will learn how you can integrate the various aspects of Digital Marketing and execute them in synchronization with each other. If you are into any one area (such as Social Media Marketing), you will get to experience all the other aspects of Digital Marketing as well. And Integration will exponentially take your marketing to a new level.

If you are an Expert: This program (in my opinion) is not for you. You might be able to learn a couple of new things from Deepak but this program is not designed with a focus on experts.

Now based on what your current profession is, I’ll tell you if you should take up this program.

In my batch, there are interns who are Students, Working Professionals, Business owners and Entrepreneurs from different age groups with one motive – to learn digital marketing and apply it in their professions or change their current profession.

Students: You can learn an important skill – Digital marketing, which is one of the most in-demand skills in the market right now and get a job in this industry or start freelancing. The best part is that you just need a computer and an internet connection to get started with it.

Working Professionals: If you add the skill of Digital Marketing, you can upgrade your current working position or change your career into Digital Marketing.

Business owners: Acquiring customers and increasing revenue has always been challenging. And now with increased competition in every industry, it is more challenging than ever. In this digital era, there is no choice but to go online. With the Digital Marketing skills that you’ll learn, you’ll be able to open up your business to the digital customers.

Entrepreneurs: Being an entrepreneur, you will be facing tough competition in the market. The Internet allows startups to grow fast, reach out to their target customers from all over the world and build a brand. The Internship Program itself is a roadmap for building a successful online business.

Note: Needless to say, this internship program is suitable only for those who are passionate about Digital Marketing and are willing to take action.

My Experience with the Internship Program

My experience with the Digital Deepak Internship Program has been absolutely amazing. Some of the modules were entirely new to me such as lead generation, running Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

In one of the assignments, we had to conduct a webinar. It was the most challenging assignment for me but with the support of my fellow interns, I did it.

My favorite week:

Week 1 (Success Mindset): We did not start with digital marketing from day one. We learnt about the “Success mindset” and how thinking differently will help us seek the objective truth. We witnessed the wonders of a positive attitude and a success mindset. We were introduced to concepts like:

  • Dreaming big
  • Thinking Differently
  • Celebrating success of others
  • Becoming a 2.0 Version of yourself
  • Having high standards for yourself
  • Positivity
  • The Art of Productivity
  • Health, Diet and Exercise

I know this is too much for a program on Digital Marketing but that’s the beauty of the Internship Program. It isn’t just another course on Digital Marketing, it is a transformational program.

Honestly, if we were directly introduced to Digital Marketing concepts, we wouldn’t be able to get the same results without having the right mindset.

One of the tasks in the assignment was to write an article about the 2.0 version of yourself (like where would you like to be in the next 5-7 years). It was a really thought provoking activity. We had to write the article as if what we were writing is already true. This article opened up our imaginations.

Another task in this assignment was to find out our personality type using an online personality test, and those interns who had similar personality types were brought together in one WhatsApp group. This was another masterstroke as we got to interact and make connections with many like-minded people.

The most challenging week for me:

Week 6 (Social Media and Networking Mastery): This week’s lesson focused on building our own tribe along with the effective use of social media. Deepak also illustrated how our dependency on social media platforms can affect our online business. It is therefore essential to build your own tribe on your own platform.

The assignment for this week further pushed us out of our comfort zone as we had to conduct a live webinar on any topic in our niche. We had to invite participants, follow up with them over email and then conduct the live webinar with them.

What I am trying to tell you is that – with an awesome Digital Mentor (Digital Deepak), a supportive team (Team Digital Deepak) and hundreds of fellow interns; you can achieve anything.

With each assignment, you gain experience. And with each successfully submitted assignment, you gain confidence.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Does this Internship program help anyone and everyone?

Ans. No, for this Internship program to work for you, you have to put in the efforts.

If you are not passionate about digital marketing, then it’s not for you.

If you don’t want to grow, then you should not join this program.

If you’re looking for instant income without putting any efforts then please don’t join this Program.

And if you’re already making tons of money through digital marketing then you don’t need to enroll in this Digital Marketing Internship Program.

If the program is free, how does Digital Deepak earn from it?

Ans. The thing is – he doesn’t. There is a very thin margin for Deepak and his team to operate on. The assignment submission rate in my batch has been around 90-95%. Note that I have mentioned assignment submission rate, not assignment approval rate which is 100% as guaranteed by Digital Deepak himself.

Some people don’t submit the assignment at all and they lose their cashback. This is a source of income for Digital Deepak and his team.

And as Deepak says,” I don’t make profits in terms of money. But… I earn a lot of trust from people.”

What percentage of people get their money back, how much is the assignment completion rate?

Ans. All those who complete their assignments correctly and submit on time, get their money back. And with the 100% assignment approval guarantee everybody will get their money back as long as they don’t miss the submission deadlines. The assignment completion rate is usually more than 90%.

What are the additional costs involved apart from the Internship fees?

Ans. The additional costs include:

  1. Setting up of your website / blog on WordPress (the cost of domain name + hosting is less than ₹1500 if you are getting started). I got a good deal by Deepak’s recommendation and got Domain + Hosting for around ₹1200.
  2. Spending on Facebook and Google Ads. You can spend as little as ₹10 to get your assignment approved.

Can we do this Internship along with studies or a job?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to do this internship along with your studies or a full time job. I dedicate around 1 hour every day and still finish the assignments well within time. The live sessions that are conducted are recorded and the recording is provided to you so that you never miss a thing.


I have taken many free courses on Digital Marketing, but I never took the kind of action that I have taken in this Internship Program. This program has been one of the most fruitful investments I have made on myself.

The fear of losing your investment is a really powerful motivator. Everyone in the program has taken action on whatever they have learned. That is the whole point of the Digital Deepak Internship Program, it is for Action Takers.

If you’ve made your mind to join the next batch of the Internship Program, fill this application form.

P.S: Deepak and his team members are very selective of the Interns they choose in their program. So, even if you fill the form, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get selected.